About Us

Start City is a Daycare and Pre-Nursery, located at  208 Road B Close House 6 Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria. A great citadel of learning. Star City is a breeding ground for our children to discover their unique personalities and embrace their unique capabilities.

We demonstrate a high level of Integrity, Honesty, Unity, Confidence, Discipline and Team Work which are our core values and principles. Here, at Star City, we imbibe positive values to our beautiful little minds and encourage unity, active participation and understanding.

Star City is a home away from home with concentrated training for each child to allow them express themselves and be the best they can be. Our children are implored to shine bright like a star. Thus we are called Star City.

Our learning environment is serene in nature accompanied with friendly staff and efficient teaching tools to enable your child explore their innermost emotions in his / her self and amongst their peers.